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Email::Sender::Transport::Test - deliver mail in memory for testing


version 0.093380


This transport is meant for testing email deliveries in memory. It will store a record of any delivery made so that they can be inspected afterward.



By default, the Test transport will not allow partial success and will always succeed. It can be made to fail predictably, however, if it is extended and its recipient_failure or delivery_failure methods are overridden. These methods are called as follows:

  $self->delivery_failure($email, $envelope);


If they return true, the sending will fail. If the transport was created with a true allow_partial_success attribute, recipient failures can cause partial success to be returned.

For more flexible failure modes, you can override more aggressively or can use Email::Sender::Transport::Failable.

This attribute stores an arrayref of all the deliveries made via the transport. It can be emptied by calling clear_deliveries.

Each delivery is a hashref, in the following format:

    email     => $email,
    envelope  => $envelope,
    successes => \@ok_rcpts,
    failures  => \@failures,

Both successful and failed deliveries are stored.


  Ricardo Signes <>

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