Returns the process id of the parent process.

荀ŝ����㏍�祉�鴻�勉����㏍�祉�� id ���菴������障�����

Note for Linux users: Between v5.8.1 and v5.16.0 Perl would work around non-POSIX thread semantics the minority of Linux systems (and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD systems) that used LinuxThreads, this emulation has since been removed. See the documentation for $$ for details.

Linux ��⓾�若�吟�若�吾�勖絵���: v5.8.1 ������ v5.16.0 ��勰�� Perl �� LinuxThreads ������������ POSIX ��ŝ�鴻�㋘��������羈����篏帥�c�⓾����������ゃ����若� Linux ��激�鴻����� (��������� Debian GNU/kFreeBSD ��激�鴻�����) ���絲上�������⓾����障�������� �����勉�������ャ�㋘�若�激�с�潟�壠����ゃ�������障�����; 荅潟�������� $$ ��勖����吾�������с����⓾��������������

Portability issues: "getppid" in perlport.

腱紙����с�勐�馹�: "getppid" in perlport���