shmctl ID,CMD,ARG

Calls the System V IPC function shmctl. You'll probably have to say

System V IPC ��∽�� shmctl �����若�喝�冴����障����� 罩c�����絎���医��臂í��緇������������˨����障��

    use IPC::SysV;

first to get the correct constant definitions. If CMD is IPC_STAT, then ARG must be a variable that will hold the returned shmid_ds structure. Returns like ioctl: undef for error; "0 but true" for zero; and the actual return value otherwise. See also "SysV IPC" in perlipc and the documentation for IPC::SysV.

�����吾�����������綽�荀���с����������� CMD ������IPC_STAT ��ŝ����違��ARG ��壔��菴���������� shmid_ds 罕����篏���� 膣�������紊���違�с�ŝ�������違�ŝ����障�������� ioctl ������罕���с��: �����í�惹����˨�� undef; ��若�㏍�勉������� "0 ���������"; ������篁ュ����ŝ����������勐�ゃ����勉����勉��菴������障����� "SysV IPC" in perlipc ��� IPC::SysV ��勖����吾�������с����⓾��������������

Portability issues: "shmctl" in perlport.

腱紙����с�勐�馹�: "shmctl" in perlport���