The real uid of this process. You can change both the real uid and the effective uid at the same time by using POSIX::setuid(). Since changes to $< require a system call, check $! after a change attempt to detect any possible errors.

��㋘����㏍�祉�鴻�勐�� uid ���腓冴����障����� POSIX::setuid() ���篏帥�c�⓾��絎���� UID ���絎� UID ������������紊���眼�с����障����� $< ��勐����眼�˨�壔�激�鴻�������潟�若�˨��綽�荀���ŝ�勉�с��莎激����������������í�若�� 罎���冴�������������� $! ��勉����с����壔��綽�荀���с�����

Mnemonic: it's the uid you came from, if you're running setuid.

荐���倶��: setuid ��у��茵�筝㏍�с�������違����������������������ャ�� uid ��с�����