The current value of the write() accumulator for format() lines. A format contains formline() calls that put their result into $^A. After calling its format, write() prints out the contents of $^A and empties. So you never really see the contents of $^A unless you call formline() yourself and then look at it. See perlform and "formline PICTURE,LIST" in perlfunc.

format() 茵���勉�������勉�������勖����鴻�с�� write() ��≪�㏍�ャ����㋘�若�帥�勐�ゃ�� format ��˨�壔��$^A ��̥��������罧�������formline() ��若�喝�冴�������˨�障����障����� ��ɱ����勉����í�若�������������若�喝�冴�����緇���с�� write() ��� $^A ��勐��絎鴻����阪�������⓾�����羔��サ�����障����� �����������c�⓾����ɱ����� formline() �����若�喝�冴����勉�с�ŝ�������違�� $^A ��勐�ゃ��荀���������������壔�������障�������� perlform ��� "formline PICTURE,LIST" in perlfunc ��������с����⓾��������������