This is similar to $& ($MATCH) except that it does not incur the performance penalty associated with that variable.

��������� $& ($MATCH) ������罕���с�������������勐����違�◒�∫�d����������������ц�巡���� ��������˨����c��茴˨����障��������

���菴違����� "Performance issues" ��������с����⓾��������������

In Perl v5.18 and earlier, it is only guaranteed to return a defined value when the pattern was compiled or executed with the /p modifier. In Perl v5.20, the /p modifier does nothing, so ${^MATCH} does the same thing as $MATCH.

Perl v5.18 篁ュ����с�壔�������帥�若�潟�� /p 篆勰﹅絖�篁������с�潟�潟����ゃ�˨�障����壠��茵���������� ��翫����˨�勉�水��臂í����������ゃ��菴�������������篆�荐若�������障����� Perl v5.20 ��с�壔��/p 篆勰﹅絖���壚����������ŝ����勉�с��${^MATCH} ��� $MATCH �� ��������с�����

This variable was added in Perl v5.10.0.

�����勐����違�� Perl v5.10.0 ��ц申�����������障��������

This variable is read-only and dynamically-scoped.