Returns a four-element list giving the user and system times in seconds for this process and any exited children of this process.

�憗����㏍�祉�劫����括��篋������������勐�������㏍�祉�鴻��絲障����������⓾�若�倶����������激�鴻�������������� 腱���хず���������4 荀�膣���勉�ŝ�鴻����ゃ��菴������障�����

    my ($user,$system,$cuser,$csystem) = times;

In scalar context, times returns $user.

��鴻�˨�í�潟�潟����㏍�鴻����с�壔��times ��� $user ���菴������障�����

Children's times are only included for terminated children.

絖������㏍�祉�鴻��絲障����� times ��壔��腟�篋�������絖������㏍�祉�鴻�勉�水�˨����������障�����

Portability issues: "times" in perlport.

腱紙����с�勐�馹�: "times" in perlport���